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Welcome to Ko-Arata

Here you will find healthy organic and locally produced fruits and vegetables that we will directly deliver to your doorstep. Ko-Arata is dedicated to provide staple food produced in a regenerative agriculture within the Gambia for the local Gambian market. So buying from us you support your local business! And we support by sharing our knowledge and empower women and future generations to have prospects in the Gambia.

Our Organic Products

Order now and enjoy the delicious taste of our organic fruits and vegetables. Our crops are grown with care and are free from harmful chemicals. 

Our Services

You choose, we deliver! We want you to get your healthy products as fresh and comfortable as possible. 

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Organic Quality

With the agroforestry concept we aim to produce food that complies with the standards of organic farming.

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Easy Order

Our account manager is pleased to help you with your order. If you want to order please message us, We are about to implement our online shop for easy and quick delivery. 

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Refridgerated delivery

Our field fresh products are coming to you with our refridgerated van to keep them fresh.


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