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Our Impact

We are a social and sustainable driven company with the aim to change something for the better. With the social-sustainable agricultural business model we want to share our knowledge and empower women and future generations to have prospects in the Gambia.

Our Mission

Ko-Arata is dedicated to finding sustainable ways of agricultural business models to empower future generations. We want to create a business that makes a difference in social and enviromental ways because it is our responsibility to take action and we believe that we can have a positive impact and change something.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the people in Gambia. With healthy food and a positive look towards a better future.


Agroforestry is a dynamic, ecologically based agricultural practice that diversifies and sustains production for increased social, economic and environmental benefits.


The main benefits of agroforestry are reversing land degradation, protecting biodiversity and carbon sequestration

Significant advantages over conventional agriculture:

  • Increases crop yield due to soil health

  • Climate mitigation potential

  • Improves water quality

  • Provides habitats for pollinators

  • Creates microclimates

  • Reduces soil erosion and slows runoff during raining season

Our Sustainable Developement Goals

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