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...and make an impact!

How it works

As a start-up we are happy about everyone who believes in our project and wants to support us. Step by step we are investing in our Agroforest. Be part of it and sponsor your own tree! 

Your Sponsorship includes everything needed till your tree is bearing fruits. The smallholder farmers take care for the tree and can later generate their income from it.


Choose a tree type

There are different kind of trees we are going to plant in the garden. Some need more time to grow, some less. 


Name your Tree

If you decide to become one of our supporters we will to thank you with a personal name tag on your tree and an annual update.  


Your impact

Your planted tree has a positive impact on our enviroment. We give you the facts about that and keep you updated. 

Tree Types

Here you see the types of trees that are planned to grow in the garden. Choose your favorite and help us to plant it!

Sponsored Trees

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-18 at 22.26.06 (2).jpeg
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